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Good Morning AFC North! Battle of Ohio Sells Out


Unlike the week 8 matchup vs. the Jets where the game sold out only moments before the deadline, the Battle for Ohio already sold out.

My take:  With the Bengals trending in the wrong direction having a lot of fan support could help boost the team’s morale. The question remains as to who bought all the tickets however since many Browns fans may have decided to take the relatively short trip to the other side of the state with their team on the rise.  Either way, at least local Bengals fans will be able to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes without fear of a blackout.

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Former Browns running back Trent Richardson is now embroiled in a sex-tape controversy.

My take: In the “too strange not to be true” department, it appears that trading away Trent Richardson may have been the best decision of any front office this year.  In fact, if the Browns continue to do well and manage to win the division, Lombardi or Banner may very well be nominated for the NFL Executive of the Year award.

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Former Raven and future Hall of Famer Ed Reed found his stay in Houston to be a very short one as the Texans announced their intention to release the struggling free safety.

My take:  Reed got off on the wrong foot with his new team after having unexpected hip surgery in the offseason which prevented him from practicing throughout the preseason and to miss the first two regular season games.  Now on a seven game losing streak, the mercurial safety’s comments about being ‘out-coached’ in the Cardinals game was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  It’s hard to say if Ed Reed intentionally fleeced his new team out of $5 million dollars but that’s how it ends up looking.  Don’t expect a return trip to Baltimore unless it is for a one-game retirement contract.

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Even though Roethlisberger has come out and publicly said he’d retire before being traded, that hasn’t stopped the discussion of the trade rumor surfaced by Ian Rapoport prior to Sunday’s game.  This time, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk gives his two cents.

My Take:  Florio’s hypothesis on the surface seems reasonably sound, that the front office wants to signal that there is a market for Roethlisberger without disenfranchising their (well, franchise) quarterback, but the timing still doesn’t make sense.  Why not wait until the Steelers are completely eliminated before spreading a rumor potentially damaging to the locker room and will only serve as a distraction?  I’m siding with the idea that Rapoport’s team source is the hotdog vendor or janitor.

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  • Wernicke Korsakoff

    Reed definitely wasn’t playing well, and had been benched, but the timing of getting cut makes it seem more like his critical comments are what did him in. He could have served to mentor some of the guys and point out tendencies to coaches etc, but they seemed eager to get rid of him immediately rather than at the end of the year.

    It’s just Reed being Reed, but I guess the Texans saw it as something more serious.

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